BARKTOK Emergiendo del infierno Review

Barktok cover art

BARKTOK “Emergiendo del infierno”

Self Released

This is one of those jewels from Mexican underground scene. We are talking about one of the best heavy metal singers in Mexico, who lived the real essence of steel spirit in the 80’s. Juan Bolaños is a legend who recorded some albums of mythic LUZBEL, and those who knows, say that these albums are best of the discography.

Anyway, this is his return from the shadows and he truly made a big effort to create a new black beast. In the other hand, Jaime Heredia is an old metal warrior who has consecrated his soul to guitar instrument, and he belongs to the bunch of independent guitarists that created a particular style based in different sources including progressive music, neo classic stuff, real guitar heroes, blues, jazz standards, and tons of hours behind rehearsal room. The symbiosis made fire, and is one of the most interesting and atypical productions of the year. You will hear a lot of excellent guitar riffs forged in the real old spirit of the genre, as both composers know very well the business. All tracks have personality, velocity and touches of evil atmosphere. My favorite song is “Siete Puertas” which is a perfect piece of speed metal with strong roots in neo classic lines. Juan did an excellent work at vocals department, high pitched mode used with class and knowledge, although you can hear some details here and there. If you are not that exigent, I bet you will say it’s very good anyway. Also, I must say that his throat is intact, and seem like all the rust accumulated good talent in there. By now, Jaime is not longer in the band, and Juan recruited new line up for live shows. Hopefully I will hear more news from this new beast soon– Victor Varas

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