Blood of Kings cover art

BLOOD OF KINGS “Starvation”

My Graveyard Productions

What a great piece of primitive, dirty and rusted heavy metal I have here. For moments it sounds with the absolute 80’s attitude with excellent guitar riffs, solid vocal lines and caustic musical structures through the entire album. Is like a discharge of metallic power through your speakers.

If you ask me, there are some thick roots in speed metal, aside the influence from obscured heavy metal as early Merciful Fate, Metal Church, etc. Also, they added some touches of NWOBHM in some specific moments and it enriches the composition. It seems like these guys are diehard fans of old heavy metal and they just want to make music direct to the bone and ear bleeding stuff. Tracks like “Shakes” sound a bit more sophisticated at composition, and gives another personality to the band as everything is tied by good hooks here and there, and liquid iron running through their veins of course. If you ask me, this is a young band that will do interesting things in the near future and you should keep an eye on them if you are fan of old heavy metal genre. Good stuff coming from Seattle!!- Victor Varas

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