VOLTAX Hiding into Flames reissue Review

Voltax release cover art

VOLTAX “Hiding into Flames”

Sade Records

This is the re edition of the last album, and they added a bonus track video for the song “Hiding into flames”, and a slip case, which really gives a better presentation to the CD. What else can I say about Voltax? Well, as I said in the other review, this band is on the peak of its career, and they have reached a higher status in Mexican traditional heavy metal.

This album is a piece of shiny, polished and classy steel forged into the purest side of the genre. Maybe is one of the bands that would bring back the old glories of metal music in this country, although everybody knows that there are some details these guys must fix at this moment before it’s too late. The re edition looks luxury and totally thinking for die-hard collectors. If you ask me, the bonus track video was done with a total DIY spirit, and it shows a heavy metal band with strong roots in the underground scene. We are talking about the true essence of this music style. Guys, you can’t be wrong! Long live to Voltax “mataviejitas” motherfuckers!! – Victor Varas



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