Exordium Mors debut full-length album The Apotheosis of Death

Exordium Mors cover art

New Zealand/Australian physical copies will be available directly from the band (atexordiummors(at)gmail.com). Worldwide distribution through Iron, Blood and Death Corporation (http://ibdclabel666.bigcartel.com)

The track-listing consists of the epic title song which is broken up into 6 tracks (an official lyric video of one of these tracks can be found below) and 4 ‘stand-alone’ tracks, this will surely get some heads banging.

Also features the epic, and stunning art of Nick Keller (Beastwars, BulletBelt, Heresiarch etc.), an excerpt of which can be seen below.

Craig Hayes for Steel for Brains wrote: “The Apotheosis of Death is a volatile album. An inferno of ideas. One of New Zealand metal’s most belligerent and iron-willed releases yet.”

Daniel Fox for Metal-Temple wrote: “Metal of this caliber deserves not to be restricted by geography and communication boundaries, but to be experienced by all the world’s lovers of the blackened, the deadly, the thrashing and the downright evil.”

More info can be found on the following websites:




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