KONKEROR The Abysmal Horizons Review

Konkeror The abysmal horizons

KONKEROR “The Abysmal Horizons”

Lacerated Enemy Records

Aaaaargh!! I instantly became a fan of this band. Coming from Detroit, Konkeror is an excellent combo of musicians composing one of the best and powerful debut albums I’ve heard this year.

This is full of great musical structures based in death metal roots, progressive music and an ominous breath of cold and destructive elements. I’m really impressed because all tracks are unquestionable good, and each musician plays excellent as seems like they are high skilled in the art of death metal music. Also, they added distinct elements of brutality in specific moments, but they know that music has to speak for itself and don’t saturate with overloaded sections or arrogant complexity. This is death metal with class, ferocity and melody, just in the right moment. My favorite track is “Pillars of Creation” which is a piece of melodic death metal influenced by doomed bands from 90’s and it truly transmit epic atmospheres in the vein of European death metal. This album includes an interesting cover version of “Cenotaph” from Bolt Thrower. This is a great debut album from a young and talented band, it deserves more attention.  – Victor Varas



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