OMINOUS CRUCIFIX The Spell of Damnation Review

Ominous Crucifix cover art

OMINOUS CRUCIFIX “The Spell of Damnation”

FDA Rekotz

No doubt this is a true example of a real death metal machine, in Mexican underground scene. I don’t know why but almost every death metal band coming from Guanajuato area really deserves your attention if you are into old school sounds.

These motherfuckers assaulted the metal scene with a great demo, five or six years ago.  After a couple of splits or EP’s, this is their debut album and let’s say is full of putrefaction in the form of stinky guitar lines, corrosive death metal structures, and one of the most cavernous death metal vocalist I’ve heard in this country. Rubens Nergal (also in Vexilla Regis Prodeunt Inferni) is death metal warrior, who knows how to explode his throat’s skills, and the result is awesome. Yep, all tracks are forged in the most rancid and sludgy side of the genre, as everything is tied by slow musical structures, although they didn’t forget to put class in guitar lines and caustic atmospheres in the vein of old Incantation, Autopsy, or early Morgoth. If you ask me, I don’t think that too many people have heard of them in Mexico, although they have signed with German FDA Rekotz, this is sad because they are missing a great death metal band that is looking for a place into the road of dead and stinky music. This CD comes in a luxury digipack version and includes a sticker. It’s highly recommended, really.  – Victor Varas



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