Poppy Seed Grinder cover art



I didn’t expect this extremely well done brutal death metal when I received the promo CD. Actually, I even didn’t know that this band is been kicking asses since 1997 and easily can teach all concerning about violent death metal to some big names, out there.

Back to the promo, I found in these three tracks a perfect mix of brutal death metal with some influences of hard core punk music, specifically in track “Dominant class of animals”. If you ask me, these Czech guys sound quite technical and powerful, and all compositions are based in complex and fast guitar riffs which come from a twisted mind. Also, I notice some moments of versatility and progressive metal here and there.  Guitarist Yarda Dohnal is an old metal warrior who is fighting for good promotion, and you can help. This promo CD is free for download at official page. Support real underground metal bands!! – Victor Varas


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