DEATHRAGE Down in the Depth of Sickness Review

Deathrage cover art

DEATHRAGE “Down in the Depth of Sickness”

Punishment 18 Records

This is another piece of Italian history made rusty and solid metal. Coming from Milan, these guys were active in mid 80’s, and released a couple of crude demos and two full length albums before they disbanded. Actually, I really hear more a punk band than a primitive metal band.

For moments, these tracks remind me old hardcore UK bands like Discharge, Amebix, etc, with interesting mix of rancid thrash metal, if you know what I mean. All tracks are forged in crudeness, basic guitar riffs and rabid vocals. If you ask me, this recording is not the saint grail of punk/hardcore music, or old metal genre, but musically speaking I admit that they had some solid ideas and their live shows must have been a total pandemonium. Also, vocalist Alex “Nico” Nicolini had a strong personality behind the microphone and although he had no technique, he knew how to approach every line, very well. If I don’t mistake, all these guys formed different bands after they parted ways, like guitarist Lorenzo Marconi who played some years in Adramelch (Progressive metal). After all, this is a good looking back to know the roots of Italian metal music, and you should give a chance to this reissue. – Victor Varas

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