EATEN Depraved EP Review

EATEN cover art

EATEN “Depraved”

Self released

Don’t confuse this band with the other one-man project with the same name. These guys are from Massachusetts and really have everything you can ask in a good grindcore/death metal band. All tracks are extremely fast, dense and aggressive, but I have to make clear that they don’t do stupid chaos. Instead of that, they are really good, and have high skills musically speaking as they created complex structures and consistent blast beats with morbid guitar riffs and ominous lines.

If you pay attention to this entire chaotic miasma, you will find some hard core/punk influences here and there, and I really liked the EP because all tracks sound different from each other and forged personality to the band. That’s something rare to find in the underground scene. Vocalist Dom Bachand did an excellent work creating killer lines and regurgitating words like blood and liquor. Also, I liked the recording because it sounds direct to the bone and totally human, as it meant to be. It’s a great debut for these motherfuckers, and I’m sure they’ll be signed soon by a good label, if they do the right things in the right time. Keep an eye on them if you like the technical side of the death metal visceral genre. – Victor Varas


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