MORBO Addiction to Musickal Dissection Review

Morbo album cover art

MORBO “Addiction to Musickal Dissection”

Memento Mori

Aaaaaargh!!! What a fucking piece of rabid death metal coming from Italy!! This is the shit for all of you, motherfuckers! Formed in Rome by old metal warriors from different bands (including VII Arcano’s vocalist Mirko Scarpa) and taking influences from different sources, these guys forged an excellent debut album full of heavy guitar riffs, dynamic structures and holocaustic vocal lines.

And I mean: what a throat! This time Mirko is clearly influenced by “Barney” Greenway, Grewe, Cutler, etc, and he truly left some traces of blood and flesh at the microphone. The entire album has a scorching iron shield and it stink a respectable air of sulfuric putrefaction, which means these musicians know exactly what they want, and they are not fooling around. This is real death metal full of violent lines, and dirty, doomed and solid atmospheres. Your ears will bleed, and your alopecic head will crush, I assure! – Victor Varas

2 responses to “MORBO Addiction to Musickal Dissection Review

  1. Victor, tu sí que eres una fuente del metal underground. Tu blog me recuerda esa revista de los 80’s llamada Metal Subterráneo que solo conseguías en el Chopo. O aquellos programas de Rock 101 que pasaban a la medianoche donde te desvelabas para saber quién estaba sonando en Alemania, en Dinamarca o en Brasil. Buen blog!!!!


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