I MISS MY DEATH In Memories Review

I miss my death cover art

I MISS MY DEATH “In Memories”

Metal Scrap Records

I have a lot of respect for this label based in Ukraine because the owner is always looking for real promotion to his catalogue, and from time to time he always send physical promo-packs all around the globe. This is supposed to be a debut album, and I’m really impressed as it sounds very professional and denotes musical high skills behind rehearsal door.

Yep, think of Haggard, Therion, early Nightwish, etc, and those prolific doom/gothic metal bands emerged in mid 90’s. If you ask me, this band has excellent musical arrangements full of melodic hooks and elements coming from classical music. All is tied in a dense atmosphere full of darkness, sorrow and dreadful thoughts. All tracks seem to be produced carefully and it includes operatic female vocals and guttural growls, alternating in specific moments. Actually, the album has some great moments full of epic lines, beautiful harmonies done by keyboards and good taste. My only complaint is the length of every track. After 5 minutes, I really want to get up and open another beer. Anyway, this is a great debut album for the Ukrainian band formed by 6 talented musicians, and it worth every cent. As extra info, this album includes as bonus track an excellent cover version of Lacrimosa, original from W.A. Mozart. – Victor Varas



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