INSIDE THE HOLE Impressions Review

Inside the hole cover art

INSIDE THE HOLE “Impressions”


Life would be better if everybody listen rock n’ roll. And that’s the phrase that should fit perfectly on this piece of good music forged in the most honest, melodic and bluesy side of the genre. The band comes from Palermo, Sicily (Italy) and really knows how to play songs with excellent vibes from rock n’ roll music, blues, 80’s hard rock and in general, all that kind music that makes you open a fucking beer and lay down in a couch.

Even they perfectly know that this is music to have a good time and they really do so, as I see their photos. All tracks have this American touch full of whiskey, cigarettes and weed, and everything is tied with the excellent voice of Roy Zappia who really did an excellent work, both as vocalist and guitarist. There are some moments where truly you can hear the essence of rock music, like in “Woman Blues” and “Begins the Blues” which is based in traditional blues structures, and the band gives the good spirit to sound great and with no false pretentions. Also, they composed the other side of the coin in “Beer! Sex! … and fuckin’ roll!, which is clearly influenced by vertiginous rock n’ roll guitar riffs, like Mötorhead and shit. I’m very satisfied with this debut album and I must admit that the band they put me in a good mood.  They rock! – Victor Varas

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