MOTORFIRE Rising Fire Review

Motorfire cover art

MOTORFIRE “Rising Fire”

Metal Tank Records

Definitely traditional heavy metal is a particular musical genre that will always have enough base fans, and it will stay alive for a long time. No matter the place, country or continent, there are some particular aspects that make the genre genuine, unique and identifiable. I can’t remember the last time I reviewed a metal band coming from Slovenia, but these guys really caught me from the first notes.

Music is totally powerful, melodic and full of great vocal lines. You will hear high pitched vocals and some traces of NWOBH here and there; you can feel the iron running inside the veins. Inclusive, seems like the recording is totally analogue, which means that all instruments sound with an air 80’s. All tracks have great hooks; great choruses and for a strange reason, for moments reminds me old heavy metal from East Europe like Pokolgep, Ossian, Aria, etc.  Almost all tracks have good taste, and my only complaint is that song “Ghost Rider” has a guitar riff very similar to the song “Rainbow in the dark”. Or maybe not, and I’m too drunk now that things start to get confuse in my head. Anyway, this is a great debut album and I hope the band will raise the flag of heavy metal for long time in Slovenia.  It’s another band you should keep an eye on. – Victor Varas

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