SPATIAL Silence Review

Spatial cover art

SPATIAL “Silence”

Metal Scrap Records

I had to listen to this album three times before writing this text. The band from Poland but believe me, they don’t use the traditional sounds of brutal/black/thrash/technical metal which everybody knows is over saturated now. These guys forged a very interesting style with elements from different sources like death metal, doom metal and melodic structures. But they know how to give a consistent touch of obscurity, heaviness and funeral atmospheres, and this results a particular perspective for doom/obscured death metal music.

Another aspect to consider is vocalist Strzyga who really gives personality to the entire album by combining deep growling, and clean vocals ala Peter Steel from Type O Neg, or Fernando Ribeiro from Moonspell, etc. Maybe for moments it clearly sounds very near to modern tendencies, and also, maybe I’m getting old and I cannot stand too much with clean/guttural vocals anymore, but in track 7 I started to get bored and picked another track. Anyway, as aforementioned I listened several times to this CD and I must say that is great beginning for the band. The most important aspect that called my attention is that they forged a particular personality since the first track, and that’s hard to find these days. A recommended track: “Golem”. It’s a good song full of painful guitar riffs, funeral structures and caustic atmospheres. – Victor Varas

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