DESECRESY Chasmic Transcendence Review

Desecresy cover art

DESECRESY “Chasmic Transcendence”

Xtreem Music

Everything here fits perfectly and I must admit that I’m really impressed with the third album from this Finnish entity. Formed by ex members of Slugathor (including main composer of Serpent Ascending, Jarno Nurmi) this pestilent beast released a third album full of death metal forged in obscured atmospheres, slow structures and painful lines.

All tracks take elements from different sources, but you can’t say that is homage to the old roots of the genre. This is real slow and putrefactive death metal with class and black heart, and you will find tons of great ideas in here. Instrumentation is tuned low as hell and you can imagine how deep and thick sounds every note. Also, these guys really know how to transmit the most caustic and heavy side of the genre, as they know very well the death metal business. Jarno’s throat has the most impressive tune as he growls like an old demon and gives a particular perspective to funeral lines. This album for moments remind me old forgotten jewels like “Onward To Golgotha”, “The Grand Leveller “, “Lost Remembrance”, etc, and If you ask me, this is a masterpiece completely drowned in blood and density. It’s another discovery of the year and is a recommendation for all of you lazy motherfuckers!! – Victor Varas

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