SCOURGE Hate Metal Review

Scourge cover art

SCOURGE “Hate Metal”

Cogumelo Records

What did you expected? When you read label Cogumelo Records? Of course this is not music for happy people living happy life in meadow with happy faces. This is primitive, rabid and holocaustic as a hell’s basement. Yep, they come from Brazil and they have many influences from many extreme sources, mainly from Sarcofago, and it’s not a surprise because bass/vocalist Juarez “Tibanha” Távora also played in a Sarcofago’s tribute band and in Cirrhosis, a dark entity where Wagner Lamounier played some time in the past.

All tracks are forged in the same pestilent miasma, like if 80’s death/putrid metal would never disappear. Also, guitar riffs sound holocaustic and deadly, but everything has good taste and you never get bored. The band itself has a great personality, thanks to the excellent work from Mr. Juarez who really knows how to transmit painful lines and diabolic atmospheres. His throat takes you into an abyss of sorrow and violence, and your brain will get crushed immediately, if you are fan of satanic death metal old school. As aforementioned, this beast comes from Brazil, the land of old names that used to have unique sound and unique transcendental influence all over the world. Personally I think this second release of the band, just doesn’t want to innovate in anything, as this is just a sonic devastation for all those loyal old metal warriors out there. Ultra recommended!! – Victor Varas

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