Wolfrider cover art


Goetic Records

Well, believe it or not, there are not only brutal death metal or black metal bands in Poland. This is a good example of European heavy metal in the underground scene. Songs are powerful, intense and honest. Speaking in defense of the band, I would not say that they cloned Running Wild, although there are some specific moments when the sound is near to the Germans.

If you pay more attention you will hear more twin guitars ala Maiden, and speed metal riffs over intricate power metal structures. Also, for a strange reason, vocalist Rafał Gębicki reminds me Tony Moore (early RIOT), and although this guy don’t like high pitched mode, he did a very decent work in the whole recording. All tracks are forged in iron guitar riffs, melodic hooks and the most savage side of traditional heavy metal. Tracks like “Rise of NWO” have excellent guitar arrangements, as twin guitars, spasmodic solos and 80’s flavor in the vein of old glories. Also, bass guitar is constant and gives a particular sense to the melodic base. This is a band that could easily get a privileged place in the road of epic/traditional heavy metal. If you are an old fan of the genre you should follow this name, and support them like in old times. It’s another surprise and a discovery of the year. – Victor Varas



2 responses to “WÖLFRIDER EP Review

  1. Hell yeah !

    Thanks for that blazing review, it’s true – there are plenty of other really kick-ass heavy metal bands in Poland, not only Behemoth and Vader 🙂

    If you are interested in, there are couple of shots from studio during recording this demo. Enjoy !

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