BOKLUK Taphonomy Review

Bokluk cover art

BOKLUK “Taphonomy”

Memento Mori

Seems like this label finds pure high quality gems, and Bokluk is not the exception. Coming from Galicia, these guys forged a great debut album full of density, heaviness and obscured atmospheres. As death metal genre is more than healthy in Spain, these years, almost all aspects of the recording are excellent and this album truly will crush your brain in the first track.

Also, I must say that it was composed very well balanced and with class. Instruments go down tuning, growling vocals are near to grindcorish mode, and the band really knows how to deliver tremendous sections full of maggots and putrefaction. Also, I liked the way they combined painful lines and holocaustic structures in the basement. For moments, music sounds simple and primitive, and this denotes black hearts driving the music mood. Everything is tied with the stench of morbidity in guitar riffs and brutal elements. My favorite track is “Taphonomy” which sounds crude, brute and holocaustic. It’s the real essence of death metal genre. As aforementioned, this is another jewel coming from a label that has good taste and good eye. No balls licking, this is just my personal opinion. – Victor Varas

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