EXORDIUM MORS The Apotheosis of Death Review

Exordium Mors cover art

EXORDIUM MORS “The Apotheosis of Death”

Iron, Blood & Death Corporation

Now we are talking! This is pure fucking devastation forged in thousands of high octane guitar riffs, holocaustic structures and chaotic miasma made in hell. Coming from New Zealand, these demons recorded their first full length album after a couple of demos and EP’s. It seems like they found the point where black metal, thrash metal and satanic death metal can be mixed in chaos and will not get bored.

All tracks have similar sulfuric atmosphere and I admit that both guitarists are awesome, because they play riffs after riffs and you can hear a lot of consistent sections with no mercy and not breaks. These efficient guitarists really play fast, intricate and deadly. There are some specific moments where I found a very eclectic band like in track “Apotheosis of Death: IV. The Corpse of Your Divinity Now Burns” where they included some heavy metal screams and gives an “epic” character to the sound. Also, they dare to experiment by making specific atmospheres forged in sorrow and painful lines. It’s an album quite difficult to digest, and you should hear many times, so it will take you into a multidimensional journey full of obscenity, morbidity and primitive antireligious metal music. – Victor Varas



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