MIND SNARE Ancient Cults Supremacy Review

Mind Snare cover art

MIND SNARE “Ancient Cults Supremacy”

The Spew Records

According with the Bio, this Italian band is active since 1989 and they have a really prolific discography since then. This is death metal full of ferocious guitar riffs, primitive blast beats and ultra-bestial growls. For moments this sounds with high doses of brutality, and grind metal, but I must say that the band has strong roots on American old school, although they forged an own personality via aggression, chaos and caustic structures.

I admit this is my first encounter with the band and I must dig a bit more into the discography, but this is a great piece of stinking death metal coming from people who know the business and has been a long period of time involved in the genre. This is highly recommended for long standing warriors, worshipers of putrefaction and rotting corpses. – Victor Varas



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