STEEL PROPHET Omniscient Review

Steel Prophet cover art

STEEL PROPHET “Omniscient”

Cruz Del Sur Music

Of course I remember to these warriors. This is a long standing heavy metal band from L.A. and I think they’ve been active since mid 80’s. Founded by guitarist Steve Kachinsky, this band moves in melodic/progressive heavy metal ground, and they really have forged a unique style as they lived the essence of the genre in those years.

All tracks have tremendous structures based in the most aggressive and solid side of the genre, although I must say that for moments this sounds repetitive and bored. But I don’t want to spoil the party. The entire album has great moments and I’m impressed because of the great quality of musical arrangements. Also, vocalist Rick Mythiasin has a powerful throat and he knows how to use different resources with feeling and technique. It’s just that the band has a “something” that fails to convince me, and I don’t know what it is. I will say that music has great hooks, great melodic lines, aggressive guitar riffs, moments influenced by speed and power metal, etc. but I’m looking for something to tie strong all these, and is hard for me to say it. Maybe, I’m getting unbearable, or simply this album doesn’t touch me. Anyway, this is recommended for those lovers of heavy guitar riffs, progressive metal and high pitched vocalists. As extra: Bohemian Rhapsody cover version sounds horrible, btw. – Victor Varas

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