UNKURED As Reality Melts… Review

Unkured cover art

UNKURED “As Reality Melts…”

Self released

Hell yeah!! Five tracks are enough to show a great band doing an excellent job. After many demos, finally the band released a first album in the form of an EP and I’m totally stuck to it. This is a well balanced hybrid forged in death and thrash metal, and I have to say that it impressed me because of high-octane guitar riffs and complex structures.

Coming from Ohio, these guys have really atomic musical skills as they composed excellent sections. For moments this sounds technical and rabid, and reminds me a lot early Chuck Schuldiner in the era when he started to add progressive elements to death metal. I really liked the work of bass player Ben Stanton. It seems like he is a nonconformist musician and he takes fretless bass guitar to the next level. Listen to this piece of technical death metal if you are fan of the genre and you are looking for hidden jewels out there. Worth every cent, really.  – Victor Varas


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