ABYSSAL ASCENDANT Unleashing the Outer Plagues Review

Abyssal Ascendant cover art

ABYSSAL ASCENDANT “Unleashing the Outer Plagues”

Dolorem Records

Forget about the horrible cover art in this EP. Man, you have to focus in the music to discover a high octane death metal full of morbidity, heaviness and painful guitar riffs. The central theme is simple: Cthulhu Mythos death metal and the band really know how to transmit dark lines under excellent putrid structures.

If you ask me, this French trio has high musical skills but the most important; they do music with personality, blending old school parameters with modern technical stuff here and there. Vocalist/guitarist Florent for moments reminds me John Tardy, and seems like he has long experience in the genre as he uses his throat with many resources and styles. Also, all tracks are based in caustic and pestilent guitar riffs, as you can hear rottenness in every second. There are some majestic moments where they included sinister keyboards and this adds even more darkness and abyssal atmospheres. Maybe, the band didn’t choose a new central theme, and they have to fix some minor details, but definitely they are on the road and they deserve a chance, really. It’s an excellent choice if you are looking for new jewels forged in obscured and rotten death metal coming from Europe. As extra info, drummer Raúl Fernández was part of Spanish legends CANKER, some years ago. – Victor Varas



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