TORMENTRESS Operation Torment Review

Tormentress cover art

TORMENTRESS “Operation Torment”

Infernö Records

There goes another all-female thrash metal band, and this time they are from Singapore. These young ladies sound much better than many “big” thrash metal bands I know, and they based their music in old names like Sodom, Destruction, Sepultura (old) and Slayer of course.

You will find destructive guitar riffs, vertiginous rhythms and ferocious vocals, everything blended in really rusted structures, sinister atmospheres and violent sections. This album for moments sounds primitive and direct to the bone, so you might figure out what is about from the beginning. Also, vocalist Neezie delivers really caustic lines and rabid hooks. If you ask what’s the element that gives personality to the band I would say that is she herself. No soft metal, no soprano vocals, and no pink melodies here. This debut album is a piece of true rusted thrash metal in the vein of old skulls, and if you have alopecic head and a beer in the hand, you will love it. As extra info, this album includes a very decent cover version of “Tormentor”, original from M. Petrozza and Cia. It’s highly recommended for hairy ears! – Victor Varas

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