EMBRIONAL Annihilation Review

Embrional cover art

EMBRIONAL “Annihilation”

Old Temple

Here we go with another death metal band from Poland. This time is a compilation of old material released by a solid band commanded by Marcin Sienkiel (guitar/vocals). I’m really satisfied because I find a very aggressive death metal based in low tuned guitar riffs, ultra-complex sections, fast chaos and savage brutality.

Also they added some moments of slow heaviness, and this gives another particular perspective. Of course these guys take influences from different old schools, mainly from the most morbid side of the genre in early 90’s, but they have good taste and they know how to deliver dark atmospheres in every track. Mainly I like this album because first 6 tracks are extracted from the demo and this really sounds absolutely raw and brutal. The band drives different sections in all tracks, but I have to say that all the chaos is surgical and clean, and direct to the point. The result is flawless and so dirty that it will blow your head from the first second. The rest of tracks are live versions and denotes a great band full of bestiality, amazing precision and 90’s aura defined in old school guitar riffs. This piece of deadly metal is highly recommended if you are looking for jewels in European underground scene. – Victor Varas.



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