EVILUTION Race of Hate Review

Evilution cover art

EVILUTION “Race of Hate”

Self – released

This promo CD was sent by Jacek Rybczyński, the mastermind of the entire project. I mean, it seems like is a guy who is working on music, lyrics, promotion, booking, etc, which I really respect very much.  This is a piece of solid and aggressive thrash metal coming from Poland, and I’m very impressed because the music sounds matured in all aspects.

I hardly can believe it’s an independent solo project. All tracks are forged in great guitar riffs and Jacek added excellent musical arrangements in every detail, so the result is professional and clean. Maybe it’s too much clean for my ears, but I accept that he tries to step forward and give high quality. Also, all tracks have balance between melody, power and aggression, and those aspects are tied by strong vocal lines and good taste. I liked track “Before the Battle” despite it sounds with modern elements and hard core sections. The song sounds great and it has good moments nearly to progressive stuff. This project has potential and I hope this guy will add some corrosion and rust to the mix, in the future. Well, it’s just a personal opinion. Keep an eye on this name.  Victor Varas


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