FUNEST Desecrating Obscurity Review

Funest cover art

FUNEST “Desecrating Obscurity”

Memento Mori

Aaaaaaargh!! What a piece of putrid, holocaustic and demolished death metal I have here. As I hear over and over this promo, the more I get hooked with the pestilent stench of death and morbidity. Coming from Italy, these guys recorded an excellent debut album totally immersed in Stockholm old sound, the one we all know with ultra down guitar tuning, cavernous vocals and horrid melodies.

Actually, this is all about the album: to make clear that the new wave of European death metal is still delivering good stuff out there and this is a perfect example for those old warriors who worshiped Entombed, Grave, Dismember, Carnage, Asphyx, Achrosticon, etc. All tracks have the same cannibalistic miasma, forged in the most obscured and consistent death metal. Also, I must mention that they have good taste in composing good slow sections in specific moments and they deliver excellent dark atmospheres trapped in venomous guitar lines. The old school is clear and no matter what is your opinion about this new wave of death metal (it’s not a fucking fashion, or maybe yes?) you will enjoy this piece of morbid death metal with a couple of beers and reading a printed fanzine. For all of you, zombie bastards!! – Victor Varas

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