EVIL MACHINE War in heaven Review

Evil machine cover art

EVIL MACHINE “War in heaven”

Arachnophobia Records

This is one of those bands that make clear they are not fooling around since the beginning. Forged in the rawest side of metal, the debut album for these Polish demons is absolutely sharp, primitive and morbid, and that’s all about the concept. A pure obscured death metal full of bestiality and a ton of excellent demonic guitar riffs in each track.

Featuring members of Dead Infection, Pyorrhoea and Abused Majesty, this album represents the old roots of these people: rusted roots in bands like Hellhammer, Venom, etc. and definitely they made a great work with no false pretentions. Every single note is coming from the true knowledge of ancient heavy metal and you can feel the hot iron blood inside your veins. This album also features guest musicians from different bands like Vader, Christ Agony and Neuropathia, and includes two excellent covers songs from Onslaught and Venom. Those were the days when true extreme metal music was authentic and this is a heavy homage from people who has been involved for years. It’s highly recommended. – Victor Varas



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