NIGHTHUNTER Hunting the Christian scum Review

Nighthunter cover art

NIGHTHUNTER “Hunting the Christian scum”

Gravadora Inferno

It’s Brazilian thrash-alcoholic- black metal. What do you expect? Of course this is great piece of metallic holocaust full of aggression, morbidity and rawness. These guys made clear an anti-christian attitude by publishing a cover art like these, but the most important is the excellent compositions inside what seems to be a debut album.

According to bio, the band features members from other bands, mainly black metal, and of course is an influence to the whole music, but I found more elements from old metal gods like Hellhammer, Sodom, and Destruction. Although almost all tracks include primitive guitar riffs, you can feel the metallic everywhere and denotes people with high musical skills. Also, I liked the way they compose direct to the point and no matter if the songs sound “punkish” or raw. I can’t affirm that they are innovating something in the world of thrash metal, but… who cares? This piece of rusted and anti-christian thrash metal sounds pretty good and I really liked in the morning while I was on my breakfast. It’s a young but solid band that deserves attention from the metal media anyway. Keep the name on the mind. – Victor Varas

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