COFFINBORN Beneath the Cemetery Review

Coffinborn cover art

COFFINBORN “Beneath the Cemetery”

Xtreem Music

Wow! Wait a minute!! What a piece of putrefaction and morbidity I have here!! This is another pestilent entity from Hungarian Hanyi Tibor (also in Gravecrusher and Mörbid Carnage). And yes, it sounds totally holocaustic, rabid and almost punkish.

Seems like this guy is making excellent music lately and he just joined forces a couple of comrades to make evil-spirited death metal and blasphemer noise. Four tracks for a short EP are enough to show a consistent band full of violent guitar riffs under ultra-rotten structures. They composed some excellent slow sections here and there, which leave reminiscences of early Autopsy. If you are familiar with early 90’s death metal, you will know what I’m talking about. But also, I must admit that this band is forged in primitive structures ala “Swedish death metal”, as most of tracks have elements taken from early Grave, Entombed, Carnage, but these guys have good taste and they are looking for a place into the road of the genre, with no falling into copies or childish mistakes. Take a look to this EP and let the maggots get into your ears. I’m sure they’ll not disappoint you. – Victor Varas

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