ODRAZA Esperalem tkane Review

Odraza cover art

ODRAZA “Esperalem tkane”

Arachnophobia Records

No doubt this is one of the most interesting black metal albums I’ve reviewed this year. People out there who say that the genre has landed in a gloomy and repetitive style, and rarely there is a band with fresh ideas: just listen to this piece of black art forged in caustic atmospheres, aggressive lines and tons of experimental sections.

The band is formed by a two great Polish musicians coming from other bands like Massemord, Voidhanger, Enclave, etc:  Priest (drums) and Stawrogin (guitars, bass and vocals). They really composed an excellent debut album, full of violence and painful shadows. All tracks have different sections based in high dose of complexity, fast guitar riffs and a good taste for ominous environments, here and there. They go straight to the point and use high musical skills to transmit different states of mind in each track. Actually, I must admit that “Priest” left me open mouth due his capability to integrate jazz standards and experimental stuff to the music. Also, they added slow parts in specific moments like in track “Esperalem tkany” which is an excellent example of technique, experimental ideas and good taste in extreme music. Highlights for this Polish duo; I’m sure they’ll be releasing more black beasts to the world. Ultra- recommended! – Victor Varas

Label: arachnophobia.pl

Band: odraza.kontakt(at)gmail.com

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