BLACK TRACK Let the Thunder Roar! Review

Black Track cover art

BLACK TRACK “Let the Thunder Roar!”

Metal Ways Records

Following the true ways of traditional heavy metal, these guys recorded a very decent debut album forged in the most metallic and shiny side of the genre. Actually, we are talking about a new generation of heavy metal believers who seem like they are trapped in 80’s. Many of you will say that this is fashionable, and in a short time it’s going to disappear.

I’d like to give it a chance because they are creating very interesting stuff and it worth. Back to the album, these guys forged an excellent heavy metal influenced by Iron Maiden, Running Wild, Accept, among others, (just listen to those twin guitars, and to those powerful choruses totally into NWOBHM’s style) and the thing becomes interesting as every song sounds different from each other and has its own personality.  And you know? That’s VERY hard to do. Maybe there are many things to fix here and there, like the vocalist intonation, some wrong guitar scales, and the mixing; but these guys have the metallic spirit running through the veins, and in other words, they have talent, just need to develop it. Also, maybe they are not re inventing the genre, but who fucking cares? The world needs more heavy metal music to keep rolling.  It’s great to know that there is new blood in Mexican heavy metal genre, and my total support goes to the band. – Victor Varas

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