WARLORD UK We Die As One Review

Warlord UK cover art

WARLORD “We Die As One”

Xtreem Music

Don’t confuse this crushing death metal beast with the other WARLORD from USA, that everybody knows. Actually, these guys have been active since 1993 and I’m sure that more than one of you will find the name in old fanzines. The band sounds great and full of interesting stuff.

There is a hidden stench of old school style surrounding the whole album, but it mainly is focused in modernity. The hybrid of death metal and thrash metal is not easy no manage, as you can get lost in different sections, and melodic stuff. Precisely is what is happening here. The band decided to take a step into modern stuff and created a mix of cyber-crust –thundering- death metal and melodic thrash metal, and although it has great moments of hyper-violent structures, it happens that the band sounds a bit weak and fashionable. But don’t misunderstand me; there are a lot of aspects which really like me, like the extraordinary vocalist Mark Warlord White who is totally influenced by old Napalm Death, old Carcass, Amebix, etc. And of course, the drum’s work is awesome and deserves a deep review for separately, musically speaking. This is one of those band’s returns that you will say “oh really? Let’s see what happens next”. It’s recommended for those old skulls who remember the name of the band and for those who still believe in new death metal albums with rotten roots. – Victor Varas



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