DEATH VOMIT Gutted by Horrors

Death Vomit cover art

DEATH VOMIT “Gutted by Horrors”

Xtreem Music

Of course now everybody is familiar with these Chilean demons, as death metal genre is coming up from underground again. Yep, this is the debut album after the Split prod with Uttertomb (they share the vocalist) and I must admit that I’m very impressed with high quality of death metal stench.

Actually, the entire album is forged in the most primitive, bestial and putrid faces of the extreme metal genre, but these guys know how to print a particular style, and give a new vision for today’s sound. Almost all tracks carry the same obscured miasma made of old school style, and you can enumerate many elements every old death metal warrior will love: basic and stinky guitar riffs, the recording sound is crude and direct to the bone, vocals recording has a sinister “reverb effect” you will recall old demos from late 80’s. All in all, this is a great album and is recommended for all of you old skulls motherfuckers. Buy or die!! – Victor Varas

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