Demon Steel cover art


Self Released

Here we go with another young band forged in pure steel. I purchased this demo in CD-R format directly from the band, and I was really impressed because these kids look very young.  The music is rooted in traditional heavy metal with touches from different sources (NWOBHM, German heavy metal, USA heavy metal) but they really caught the spirit of the genre and never mind their musical capabilities, created three decent songs fueled by metal blood.

I liked because these young musicians don’t stick in repetitive guitar riffs although for moments everything sounds basic and simple, seems like they enjoy very much everything what they are doing. Vocalist sounds weak and out of the tone and this really sucks.  Of course, they need to focus more into music skills and they must develop a bit more their composition sense, if they want to highlight from Mexican new scene. But I’m sure they are working on this right now. Keep an eye on these kids, it worth really. I know many famous bands that sounded worse in the beginning. Support underground scene!! – Victor Varas.

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