NEFANDUS Reality Cleaver Review

Nefandus cover art

NEFANDUS “Reality Cleaver”

Daemon Worship Productions

According to the bio, this Swedish black entity is been active since 1993, although they’ve only released four official productions in its entire career. This is painful black metal full of different and distinctive passages, and I liked because they have a solid style rooted in sinister melodies and epic sections ala early Dissection.

All tracks are simple, consistent and very well produced. You can distinguish the metallic blood on every single note, as the band composed really great songs towards powerful-high octane guitar riffs and ominous vocal lines. I said that this is a distinctive black metal band because you can hardly find occultism and sinister sections in black metal structures, especially if you are talking about an old school band from Sweden in these days. This album has everything to become a classic, and if you ask me, I really enjoyed it because sounds direct to the bone, well produced, solid and not chaotic at all. I mean, this is one of those who deserve to be heard in detail, and keep in mind that they have the knowledge of the genre since many (I mean MANY) years ago. Recommended!!- Victor Varas

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