EYE OF DESTRUCTION Power of the people Review

Eye of destruction

EYE OF DESTRUCTION “Power of the people”

Self released

I think I’ve seen live this band two or three times, and I didn’t know that they recorded a demo. Actually, it happens that Mexican underground metal scene has an explosion of thrash metal bands lately and definitely these guys are a perfect example for what is forming right now.

This is based in aggressive guitar riffs, destructive vocal lines and violent drum set, and I think their bigger influence is Germanic old metal old school, like Sodom, Destruction, Necronomicon (old stuff), as well as Artillery, Overkill, and a big etc. Not bad at all for these young musicians, although they must find an own sound and style. If you ask me, this demo doesn’t make justice to live shows, no matter how crude and direct is the recording sound. The band itself is powerful and carries the true thrash-metal spirit in all compositions. Everything is tied by high dose of rudeness and honesty, if you know what I mean. Maybe we should wait a bit more and time shall tell. Support underground scene!!– Victor Varas


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