ANGELES Y DEMONIOS The Years of Metal Review

Angeles y Demonios The years of metal cover art

ANGELES Y DEMONIOS “The Years of Metal”

Sade Records

I met about this heavy metal band because of vocalist Patrick, who was part of the band Doomsday few years ago. Yep, this is one of those recordings that make you think “Why I didn’t bought this piece of shinny metal, before?” Actually, it’s a second album and the band stands straight and strong in Mexican scene.

Music sounds totally forged in the most traditional and vertiginous side of the genre. I liked because every song has an own personality and the whole album transmits pure-steel direct to the bone. Everything is tied by the incredible voice of Patrick who reminds me Halford, Tim Owens, Sean Peck, etc, so if you like louder-high-pitched screamers, this is for you. I know that the band is in hard times and maybe they’ll not be active these last days of the year, but if you see the logo in a festival, don’t miss it. Ultra-recommended! – Victor Varas


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