Shadow of the torturer cover art


Memento Mori

Slow, deadly and torturous. Those are the first words coming in my mind after listen these three long tracks full of obscurity, rottenness and pain. This doom entity based in Seattle, Washington is forged in slow and heavy guitar riffs, full of sludge and grey atmospheres.

I can’t say that this is my favorite genre in metal music, but I admit that these guys have a very particular taste in heaviness and rabid lines. Also, everything is tied by an own message, a message of rage and unconformity. That’s the punkish side of the genre, and I’m agree when people uses music for raising one’s voice. First two tracks come from album “Dronestown”, and third track is from a split production with “Ghost of Wem”. This last track is even slower and heavier, and I think my movements are getting in slow motion, right now… Well, for those who are fans of painful guitar riffs, slower than a snail: recommended! – Victor Varas

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