GEHENNA El Infierno Review

Gehenna cover art

GEHENNA “El Infierno”

Cerbero1666 Records

Well, well. What do we have here? There are many Mexican heavy metal bands from 80’s, returning lately and this is a good example. Gehenna is part of a bunch of great bands that released only a demo or a single album.

And these talented guys had the good luck and released an album called “En busca del valle de Gehenna” in 1987, which is very prized these days btw. And then… nothing. After 27 years they announced the return and a new album, but this piece of heavy metal consists in 10 tracks from old tapes, rehearsal recordings, live recordings, unreleased material, etc. Everything sounds horrible and direct to the bone, but I admit that is a good document if you missed this epoch, when the band sounded great and people said that musically speaking, they were one step forward from the other bands. Anyway, I feel disappointed. Dudes, when are you going to record a new album with fresh music? Please, stop releasing these relics! We want new material! I know it exists!! -Victor Varas


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