Multinational Corporations cover art



I think this is the first time I ever review a band from Pakistan, and it’s a pleasure. According to the info sheet, these guys are into Grindcore music, and they definitely sound more punk hard-core and crust, in the vein of Discharge, Disrupt, early Napalm Death, etc. I like it because they have clear what they want and how they must sound.

If you ask me, this EP is a great example of hate, anger and honesty in underground music. I found eight tracks full of basic guitar riffs, rabidity and crust-punk direct to your bones. Vocalist made a great job and every word is spoken with furious ecstasy, except for “Penniless pride” which is a mid-pace song done based and composed in personal thoughts about what is happening in that country now a days. Don’t expect soft sounds here. “The anger here is all real shit that has accumulated over time due to the fucked up conditions of living in Pakistan.” What else do you want? Support underground bands!! – Victor Varas

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