APOSTLE OF SOLITUDE Of Woe and Wounds Review

Apostle of solitude cover art


Cruz Del Sur Music

It’s definitely a pleasure to hear this piece of doom-stoner metal, solid and forged with class. Highly influenced by 70’s rock and the heaviest side of doom metal genre, these guys composed an excellent album full of cathartic guitar riffs and oppressive sorrowful lines.

Everything is tied by good taste in dark atmospheres and excellent musical arrangements. If you pay attention deeper, you will discover an experienced band with ideas, and a step beyond what is trendy today. Vocalist/guitarist Chuck Brown did an excellent work by transmitting painful lines and lunatic choruses. I liked the entire album because they know how to put slow structures and mid-pace elements in specific moments, without losing coherence. Actually, they have epic moments like in the middle of “Die Vicar Die” which is one of the most powerful tracks. I listened to this slice of pain three times, and I’m still finding more and more things. This is ultra recommended for lovers of doom-stoner metal with heavy metal in the heart and soul. Excellent! – Victor Varas



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