BONE GNAWER Primal Cuts Review

Bone Gnawer Primal Cuts cover art

BONE GNAWER “Primal Cuts”

Ablaze Productions

Aaaaargh!!! What happens when you join a Swedish death metal band with the throat of Kam Lee? Hell yeah! The result is a jewel forged in the basement of hell and full of obscurity, corrosive lines and cannibalistic structures.

The band features members of old death metal bands based in Sweden (including the multi-task man Rogga Johansson). This is supposed to be a compilation of all tracks contained in Scissored 7” EP, Carved EP and I think another one, but information is not clear. The entire album sounds thick, heavy and solid, but I admit that Kam Lee gives a strong personality to the band. His performance is incredible as he vomits morbid growls full of blood all the time!! This is the kind of death metal albums that leaves me totally satisfied because the high level of obscurity and rottenness in vocals. If you add high octane guitar riffs and explosive drum set, you have an instant classic. Recommended for those who missed the EPs, and for all those alopecic zombies, lovers of death metal in the vein of the most holocaustic and poisonous side of the genre. – Victor Varas

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