DROWNED IN BLOOD Underworld Review

Drowned in Blood underworld cover art


American Line

I can’t believe that Toño Drowned and his band meet 9 years now. Since the beginning, this ex Prohibitory knew what he really wanted and is good to see that the band has increased a lot. Musically speaking, each album becomes better and better.

This time he kept drummer Led and George on vocals, and recruited two fantastic musicians: Alex Rivers (guitars) and Erik (bass). The band sounds brutal, complex, technical and somehow reminds me a lot polish bands like Vader, but since now i must say that DIB has forged an own personality and this is something very hard in modern death metal bands. Also, everything is tied by a dark aura, and seems like the responsible for this is vocalist George who has one of the most thick, bloody and cadaveric throats in Mexico. Yep, seven tracks (plus an instrumental) full of morbidity, brutality and solid fast death metal. These are enough to show a new dimension in Mexican death metal. It’s one of the best releases for the genre in Latin America, so far! – Victor Varas



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