AVULSED Carnivoracity Review

Avulsed cover art

AVULSED “Carnivoracity”

Xtreem Music

As I said before, when you met this Spanish death metal band, you love it or you hate it, and I can’t expect more of both things after more than 20 years of activity in the genre. This is supposed to be the reissue of one their first works: a 7” EP released in 1994, but wait: the EP was originally with three tracks, and this piece of putrefaction comes with nine live tracks more.

It’s like if Dave Rotten (founder) just joined the original EP with a live album, just for fun. I don’t think this was entirely necessary as in both recordings the band sounds totally different, but Ok; this time is a kind of celebration for 20 years of the original EP. Whatever, if you didn’t hear the band before the debut album “Eminence in Putrescence” this is a good opportunity, and if you did not attended a live show, well, there you have it: a look back to the band’s past in nine live tracks, including some interesting cover versions from Demigod and Brujeria. It’s not the best material I’ve heard from the band (I prefer when they have fresh meat), but it would interest you if you are die-hard fan. – Victor Varas



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