MORBIDITY Revealed from Ashes Review

Morbidity cover art

MORBIDITY “Revealed from Ashes”

Memento Mori

It’s my first contact with metal scene (any kind) from Bangladesh, and I’m more than amazed as it delivers high octane death metal, full of rottenness, anger and honesty. This is another high scoring for the Spanish label Memento Mori, who knows exactly how to keep a good reputation in underground scene.

Eight tracks full of morbidity and rawness are enough to show matured ideas and very bad blood, but I admit that death metal music nowadays is very repetitive and is hard to stay away from influences. These guys blended almost all influences and those come from different sources. As we find Scandinavian vibes in guitar riffs, American death metal solos ala Chuck Schuldiner, and ultra brutal structures here and there, we can’t say that the band has found a definitely style. But dude, these eight tracks really tied a consistent and very well balanced album, and that’s a supreme challenge in music industry. At the end, it’s a great debut album, recommended for those who are looking for fresh meat in uncommon places worldwide. – Victor Varas

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