VAMPYR Cry out for Metal Review

Vampyr cover art

VAMPYR “Cry out for Metal”

Under Fire Records

For those who want to know about real heavy/speed metal from Germany, this is a great opportunity. UF Records released this gem from 1985, and it sounds like unchained demons over the earth. All tracks are forged in the fastest, ugliest and darker side of the genre, and you can hear every guitar riff composed in full metallic structures and an extraordinaire lethal vibe.

Of course, all songs have melodic moments and excellent choruses, composed for raise your fists and bang your head. This is one of those bands that built the base of many styles in 80’s decade, and no doubt many of you (older than 40 years) will dramatically enjoy. It comes in CD format but if you listen to it carefully, seems like if the audio was taken directly from vinyl, as everything is raw, and direct to the bone. Yep, the legacy of this band is this lonely album, but the label also included a live TV session plus an unpublished song from 1986. Live tracks sound horrible, honestly, but we can say it’s a good document for Germanic metal music’s history. – Victor Varas

P.S. Also you can find a limited pack which includes an exclusive T-Shirt.


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