ALBOR Unknown Review

Albor cover art

ALBOR “Unknown”

Gravadora Inferno

When a demo begins with a sinister atmosphere from a keyboard, and immediately brings sorrow and painful guitar riffs, you know what this is about from first notes. These Brazilian guys recorded a very decent demo based in old sounds from real doom metal bands, like pioneers Pentagram, Candlemass, St. Vitus, etc.

The roots are dark and thick, and the result is excellent as every track is a mid pace experience, highly recommended for those who are familiar with the genre since long time ago. Each song delivers distinct vibes, and I liked the way the band included a wall of sound coming from vintage keyboards sound. Also, vocalist Wellington Lima did an excellent work giving dramatic and “epic” moments in the whole demo. If you ask me, they added a welcomed dose of heavy metal spirit, and this is an aspect to highlight. It’s a great beginning for this dark entity formed by members from underground bands like Desgraça Eterna and My Fallen Garden. All in all, these six tracks will make you ask for more, and surely you will look for a debut album as soon as it is conceived. Support them!!– Victor Varas

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