BLINDEATH Into the Slaughter Review

Blind death cover art

BLINDEATH “Into the Slaughter”

Earthquake Terror Noise

Yep, another thrash metal band formed by young people and trying to sound like those old glories from 80’s. I don’t blame anybody for this “revival” of the genre, but I think that there is an incredible saturation of new bands, and only few of them worth.

I think that one day we will reach a point where all these bands sound the same. This case is not that different, although I admit they created many interesting sections with poisonous guitar riffs, a particular perspective for vocal lines (great throat!! Gioele sounds honest and raspy), and they added some really good guitar solos, based in the true spirit of heavy metal. If you ask me, I hear many influences, mainly from American old school (Bay Area), but, the band must shake a bit more this heavy weight, just to find an own style and direction. I don’t mean these are bad musicians. As I said before, they have many interesting elements and definitely they don’t sound flat. Actually, most of all tracks have good taste in thrash metal, even punk-hardcore (“Rebels Die Hard”) song which is a great ode to the essence of this lifestyle. These guys have talent, technique, good taste and matured ideas. They need to work harder and find the correct direction: less clichés and more creativity. Find an own style, I’ll never stop saying that shit. – Victor Varas

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