GRAVECRUSHER Morbid Black Oath Review

Gravecrusher cover art

GRAVECRUSHER “Morbid Black Oath”

Xtreem Music

Aaaargh! What a good piece of necrotic, punkish and venomous death metal I have here! Coming from Hungary, this rabid entity is formed by members and ex members from many bands like Coffinborn and Mörbid Carnage. All these tracks are corrosive and morbid, with excellent guitar riffs and furious vocal lines.

Needless to say this is primal Death metal in a Swedish style, and I think it’s a fucking EP recorded with bad blood, and knowledge of the genre. Seems like these guys don’t want to innovate anything in the genre, which is completely valid. Just put together repetitive cannibalistic guitar riffs, distinctive drum sections in the vein of early Unleashed, and add a bit of punk spirit. The result is more than acceptable if you are honest with the genre and you have worshiped death metal for over 3 decades, if you know what I mean. It’s a promise band from Hungary, and it’s recommended for all of you alopecic motherfuckers out there. You know who you are! – Victor Varas

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